Christmas is coming . . .

Employing a nanny in your home requires a good relationship to make it feel comfortable for everyone, especially at times like Christmas when there’s more focus on family time and events.  Making them feel included will bring it's own rewards.

In advance of the Christmas holidays make sure everyone is aware of who is on holiday and when, and if your daily schedule might be different. For example, do you have Christmas events that might mean extra hours are needed? Good planning keeps everyone happy and avoids awkward conversations through miscommunication. If their holiday year ends on 31st December have they taken all their allowance for the year, or have you agreed to allow a roll-over of any excess holiday? Make sure you are all on the same page!

It’s important to recognise how hard your nanny works, and this can be done through a small personal gift up to the value of £50, perhaps something particular they have picked out, provided it is not a voucher, cash or considered a ‘reward’ for their performance. This is what is called a ‘trivial benefit’ and does not need to be declared to HMRC.

If you want to reward with a bonus then this will need to be declared under HMRC regulations. Remember to instruct your payroll team in good time to make sure it can be included in the December payroll, they will normally inform you of any early deadlines affected by the forthcoming holidays.

A great way to show your nanny support and respect is to become familiar with their faith or cultural beliefs (if they choose to share that with you) and be mindful of times when they might want to take time off for religious holidays or ceremonies. Full information can be found at different websites such as

Getting these important points sorted well in advance will mean everyone is happy and can relax when its time to stop and celebrate.

Enjoy the festive season!

With best wishes from the NannyMatters Team