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Nanny Matters have provided professional payroll services and tax advice for parents employing a nanny since 2002. For a competitively priced annual fee, we take care of all your nanny tax responsibilities, including the employment contract template and dealing with HMRC. We can help with all aspects, e.g. nanny salaries, wage pay slips, tax advice and nanny pay rates.

We help make nanny employment easy for you and your nanny. If you are worried about nanny tax and payroll then come to the experts. Nanny Matters are based in Bristol, UK and provide a professional customer service for thousands of happy parents across Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

Our website explains what's involved in employing a nanny, with expert advice on prices, contracts, nanny tax, nanny sharing, holidays, sick pay and pensions. Whether this is your first time employing a nanny, or you have a bad experiences with another nanny payroll provider, we can help. Paying a nanny can be more complex than you think, so let us guide you through. View Parent help for the best advice about setting up nanny pay.

Got a more complex requirement? View Expert Help where we ask Alison Hull, founder of Nanny Matters, her expert view on some of the big questions surrounding nanny payroll and nanny tax. Alison answers questions on holiday pay, sick pay, term time contracts, nanny shares and paying a nanny with childcare vouchers.

Confused about setting up a nanny pension? View Pensions where you can read about what's involved in providing a nanny pension and when you will be affected.

Get in contact with our experts for free initial advice or register online now and we can get your nanny payroll set up the next working day.



Trying to work out the cost of a nanny? This is a great place to start. Enter a gross figure into our free nanny calculator to see the nanny's tax based on their personal tax situation. This gives you an accurate picture of the tax and National Insurance payable.

NET RATE REQUESTED? Always agree a gross pay rate if you can. Read about net pay rates here.

SCOTTISH TAXPAYER? The tax rates are slightly different. You can still use the calculator to get a rough idea by dropping the ‘S’ at the start of the tax code, or contact us for some firm figures.

PENSION will apply in most cases. Read about pension here.

Figures are for guidance and not for using on payslips. When you register with NannyMatters we’ll give you firm figures, including pension, in a free personalised illustration.


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