Choosing a Nanny Payroll Service

All good nanny payroll companies will provide you with payslips and tell you how much to pay HMRC, but some hit you with additional charges further down the line. Make sure you know what you are paying for before you sign up.

Watch out too for those that try to sell you add-ons that you simply don’t need, such as extra insurance. In most cases, your household insurer will provide you with cover at no additional cost.

We have a single £260 annual subscription for our monthly payroll, with no additional or hidden costs, regardless of a nanny leaving and new one starting time and again.

If your nanny is paid over £10,000pa, they will at some point need to be enrolled into a pension scheme, so you should know how your payroll service will deal with this. Many require you to set up the pension yourself, with little or no choice of pension providers, and then charge you for administering it. NannyMatters solutions are far more helpful:

  • You can choose any pension provider you like, deal with them direct, and we won’t charge you anything for calculating and deducting the pension contributions.
  • Or, you can choose our fully-managed pension service, for £60pa, and we will set up a NEST pension scheme for you, and deal with every aspect of it including the scheme set up.

This is what’s included in your £260 annual subscription:

  • Our range of excellent employment contracts specific to your needs
  • Emails answered in 4 working hours. 
  • Calls answered in 3 rings. No electronic menu.
  • Access to payroll and HR experts to cover any employment questions including employment legislation and unusual contractual arrangements.
  • HMRC registration and liaison (we talk to them so that you don’t have to).
  • Pensions Regulator liaison. Under the pension legislation, you have declarations to make and letters to issue to your nanny even if their salary is less than £10,000pa. These are all included.
  • Monthly payslips, monthly or quarterly HMRC bills, your choice of hard copies or email
  • Unlimited advice for your nanny too, on your behalf.

We don't charge extra for....

  • Paying a second employee alongside, or paying a temp when covering sick or maternity leave
  • Setting up or closing down your PAYE scheme
  • Claiming tax refunds, or funding for SMP
  • Backdated payroll problems

We do charge extra for....

Weekly payroll, an additional £50pa. Weekly pay is more difficult for you to administer at your end, with a
much tighter deadline for notifying us if anything changes. If your nanny requests weekly pay, see if they can
be persuaded towards monthly pay instead. If not, no matter; it’s not a huge issue.