Mental Health and Wellbeing

As an employer you have a duty of care to your employee and it is important you take their mental wellbeing seriously. By doing this you can benefit by maintaining the best care of your children and potentially avoid excess time taken off for illness.

Whilst mental illness can be considered a disability and any employee experiencing problems has protection under law, due to the nature of a nanny’s work there is a serious safeguarding issue that must be kept in mind.

Mental health issues can come in many forms and you should make yourself familiar with the common signs and symptoms of mental ill health so that, should the need arise, you can approach the subject with your nanny. By keeping good lines of communication open with your nanny you will make them feel supported and more likely to discuss their wellbeing or any worries they may have. Talking openly about mental health can also avoid problems building into something bigger. NannyMatters have a specialist HR department that can help clients with how to start a conversation if there are any concerns. Contact the payroll team for more information.

The Mind website provides lots of information and support on this topic.

If your nanny has been absent beyond 7 calendar days you can ask for a FIT note from their GP which will indicate how long they are expected to be off and whether their GP wants to see them again before they return.  You are also allowed to keep in touch during the absence and there is advice available on how to manage that.  Don’t forget to notify the payroll team if there are any changes to your nanny’s payslip.