Your nanny's employment contract

Employment law states you must provide written terms of employment to your new nanny from their first day with you.  This can be by email or letter to begin with, covering the main terms of employment such as pay and working hours but you are best placed to complete a full contract as soon as possible to protect both yourself and your nanny's rights. 

A good contract will ensure both parties know what is expected, preventing misunderstandings at a later date.  The good news is, once you have registered with NannyMatters you have access to our range of excellent contract templates (at no extra charge) covering all areas of your agreement with your nanny.  We have six you can choose from covering different employment scenarios:

  • Standard
  • Term-time only
  • Temporary
  • Live-in
  • Separate nannyshare
  • Joint nannyshare

The templates come in Word format and are very easy to use, showing which sections you need to complete using different coloured fonts so you are clear where to make changes.  If you are unclear on any aspect of employment law we have access to a specialist HR Department service that can answer all your questions.

We can't complete the contract for you, but we can always advise on things like holiday calculations / annualised salary or whether to include certain topics, like a nanny bringing her own child to work. There aren't many things we haven't been asked!